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A message from Ingenia

Posted: Wed, 22/06/2016 - 16:57

As the last day of the EU referendum campaign draws to a close, what will you decide?

  • Out we would no longer contribute to EU budget (UK’s net contribution last year was £8.5bn) we’re sure the UK could put that to good use.
  • We can trade freely in the single market BUT we cannot trade with whoever we want to! Could we not take the lead of Norway which has access to single market but not bound by the EU laws.
  • UK car market imports over 30% of German cars alone (then there are French and Italian makes), do you think that they will stop dealing with us?
  • EU law states Britain cannot prevent anyone from another member state coming to live in the country, look what that has done.
  • We cannot make and implement our own laws.
  • British jobs could be effected if we leave the EU but that is an uncertainty.
  • When we joined there were just 9 member states, there’s now 28 and five more are in the queue to join, have you seen who they are?

There are risks in voting either way, people have to weigh up the pros or cons for themselves but it is more important than ever that you do vote.

Consider this, if it was 1975 and you know what the EU would be like now would you vote to go in?