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80% of people say they aren’t happy with the car they ended up with because of complex and confusing buying experience.

Manufacturers and retailers need to simplify the shopping process, offering reassurance on a buyer’s choice continuously throughout the journey, generating trust at every step.

Carmakers’ advertising needs to become more personal, based on a greater understanding of consumer needs and dealers need to appreciate the lifestyle the new car will become part of, and less concerned about sales targets.

These conclusions come off the back of an Auto Trader study of 40 households new and used car buying experience, with their views recorded – often on video – via an app. Another 2,000 people gave their opinions via Auto Trader’s website.

Ian Plummer (pictured), manufacturing and agency director, said: “The feeling of being overwhelmed by choice leads to a strong desire for reassurance to alleviate the nagging doubt there was something they haven’t considered. This uncertainty is amplified through the inherent lack of trust in the industry.”

He said manufacturers and dealers need to “drive trust and transparency into the sector”.

“This can be achieved through offering a fully transparent customer experience, facilitated by unbiased, independent reviews, videos and strong imagery, coupled with a choice of cars in tune with the local market, transparently and accurately priced.”

Key findings in Auto Traders’ The Car Buyers Report:

·         60% of car buyers gave up their search for the perfect car and made a purchase out of exhaustion

·         75% of 17-to-24-year-olds got ‘tired of looking around’

·         85% of people expect the car buying process to be hard

·         At the final, car buying stage, most people have three cars on their choice list

·         One in five car buyers are worried about encountering unexpected jargon or being confronted by too many deals

·         One exhausted shopper says on video: “I just wish someone woud bring three cars to my front door that I could choose from.”

Steve from Ingenia Recruitment Says “It’s sad but unsurprising that we read such figures because manufactures spending a lot of money on training there staff on how to handle customers however that said most sales executives we have spoken to feel that they process the customer, smaller dealerships who are not part of a group often achieve a sale because they provide more traditional and personal customer service.”

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