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Inchcape UK increases basic sales executive pay to £22,000

Inchcape have decided to increase Sales Executives basic pay to try and enhance the way customers are treated during the sales process. The way this will affect the customers experience is by removing the element of “high pressure” selling and allowing salesman to focus more on giving the customer a more personal service.

James Brearley Inchcape UK chief executive, said:  “Delivering an exceptional customer experience has always been and will always be at the heart of this business and in changing our sales structure we want to build a team of expert advisors, who are able to deliver a tailored customer experience every time”

“We are saying goodbye to the days of high pressure sales operations that relied on lower basic salaries and high commissions and drove unrealistic sales volumes - our plan will create an environment that puts the customer first every time”

It looks like Inchcape are really looking ahead and are recognising that times are changing in our industry for both customers and staff.

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