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Online car sales winning over showrooms.

A Servicing Stop survey has revealed 64% of motorists are now more likely to head online to buy their new or used car. Automotive specific sites such as Autotrader pull 40% of the custom, while 16% head to Gumtree and Ebay, according to the survey of 1,006 consumers. A further 8% will look on Facebook and Twitter for their next vehicle. However, one-in-three car buyers will still consider shopping at a showroom, with almost half of those surveyed claiming it is the safest and most trusted place to buy a car.

Servicing Stop's chief executive and founder, Oly Richmond said: “Motorists are driving a hard bargain online, opting for cheap and quick deals on a new set of wheels over the traditional process of visiting a showroom.

“There’s always been a risk involved in buying a second-hand vehicle but it seems drivers are increasingly willing to take the risk, aware of the consequences and buy online - it’s great to see drivers presented with more diversity in terms of their buying options but it’s a surprise to see so many motorists buying online but still holding faith in the showrooms.”