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Tips and Advice

Tips for Attending Interviews

We form an impression of people within seconds of meeting them and form a lasting impression within minutes. It is essential to present yourself well at any interview, even if you have simply been asked in for an informal chat. Be professional and do your research to give yourself the best opportunity of getting the job.

See our Do’s and Dont’s below to see more.


  • Check the company out on the web.
  • Visit the company in advance, or even mystery shop them if going for a management position.
  • If possible, do a trial run so that you know where they are.
  • Take the companies phone numbers with you in case you are lost/delayed. If for any reason you can’t make the appointment, call and let someone know.
  • Use AA, RAC route finder or Google maps if unsure where you are going.
  • Prepare in advance any questions that you want answers to.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview
  • Men – A shirt and tie is not necessary for many jobs but does show that you made an effort.
  • Ladies – Short skirts, cropped tops or very low cut blouses are rarely suitable.
  • Be positive, upbeat and enthusiastic.
  • Turn your mobile off.
  • Its law for an employer to verify your identity so take your passport or Birth Certificate and National Insurance Card.
  • Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview.
  • Use the interviewers name when answering (when possible).
  • Keep to the point but be prepared to elaborate.
  • Be prepared to talk 80% of time.
  • Provide facts and figures to substantiate your claims wherever possible.


  • Have that last cigarette before you go in for the interview, the interviewer will smell it.
  • Obvious as it may be, don’t be late.
  • Address interviewer as ‘mate’.
  • Wear a hat
  • Criticize previous employers.
  • Be cocky or over confident.
  • Exaggerate your abilities, if offered the job they will easily find out what you can do.
  • Take anyone with you unless it is unavoidable.
  • Chew gum.
  • Let your guard down (no matter how friendly the interviewer is, it is an interview, be professional).
  • Say you will accept a job unless you are 100% sure you will.
  • Waffle on.
  • Lean on tables or sit with arms folded or hands clasped behind your head.