Apple CarPlay Update To Offer Air-con and Seat Control

Apple plans to integrate air-con and seat control functions to its CarPlay interface for compatible vehicles.

This new software integration would allow users to adjust their car’s climate-control settings and change their seat position through their device.

Bloomberg reported that the new software could also include inside and outside temperatures, humidity readings, temperature zones, fan speed within the car, window defrost settings as well as the speedometer and fuel gauge displays.

Reportedly, Apple CarPlay’s existing functions will also be improved when it comes to control over a vehicle’s multimedia set-up, with more detailed adjustments to the stereo possible through equalisers and fade and balance controls.

Google has already branched out into the infotainment field with its Android Automotive operating system, improving the integration between users’ compatible devices and their cars; Volvo, Polestar and Renault, with its Megane E-Tech Electric, all use this interface.

A more advanced Apple-based infotainment system might also allow the development of third party apps for vehicles in time. However, it’s thought that development to this level might be met by reticence from car manufacturers, who could be reluctant to hand over control of some vital vehicle systems.

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