Aston Martin Providing PPE To Frontline NHS

During the coronavirus crisis, Aston Martin is providing PPE to frontline NHS workers by working on a new respiratory protection device, protective visors and gowns.

Multimatic, Aston Martin’s project partner, are working together to refine and produce a new respiratory protection device. This device is a Perspex box that will go over a patient’s upper body during procedures, protecting the medical staff whilst allowing them the access they need to the patient.

The device is being trailed at the Royal London Hospital after the design was turned around in a matter of days.

And Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda President and Group Chief Executive, said: “The frontline NHS workers are protecting us from Covid-19 so we want to do what we can and try to protect them by supplying visors and gowns. Times of crisis are also times of great innovation and we are delighted to be working with Multimatic and the MTC to produce the intubation shield for the intensive care staff. Everyone we approached stepped up without hesitation and they should all be proud.”

Aston Martin will soon be producing 150 protective visors each week and they are hoping to produce up to 750 gowns a week after receiving a direct request from the procurement departments or hospitals local to its headquarters in Warwickshire.