BMW i4 Electric Saloon

In 2021, BMW will launch its first electric compact executive car, the i4. Rivalling the Tesla Model 3, the zero-emission will be desirable among company car drivers and those wanting V8 levels of power.

The car will feature a 523bhp electric drivetrain and a 4 series, in Gran Coupe body type.

With a range of more than 370 miles, the i4 will recharge at 150kW adding 62 miles of range every 6 minutes.

After development, the i4 is powered by an 80kWh battery which is more efficient than existing BMW models.

Weighing 550kg, the car can reach 0-62mph in around 4 seconds.

The BMW group will have 25 models with electrified drive in its program by 2023, which include Mini and Rolls Royce models.