Britain’s First Contactless Car Vending Machine

Auto Trader launches Britain’s first contactless car vending machine in London’s Spitalfields Market. Being one of the most searched for electric cars in the country, the vending machine contained a Renault Zoe EV which was provided by Lookers.

Data collected from an Auto Trader survey shows that out of 2000 British motorists:

  • 92% said they are bad at haggling over a car purchase.
  • 89% find the process embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Haggling on prices topped their list of anxieties about buying a new car (41%), hidden costs (39%), worrying about making the wrong decision (28%) and having to wait a long time to receive a car after buying it (25%).

An Auto Trader Spokesperson said: “Buying a brand-new car is an exciting experience, but it can often be tarnished by anxiety around haggling and knowing whether you’re looking at the right price. So today we’re showcasing a real-life version on what can be found on Auto Trader; brand new cars at transparent pre-haggled prices that you can drive away today. The only difference is  that this Renault Zoe can be purchased at the touch of a card, testing London car buyers’ appetite for electric cars as well as a more instant purchasing future.”

A team of six engineers spent three months designing and building the contactless car dispenser.