Car Retailers May Struggle as UK Employment at a Record High

According to Coachworks, as UK employment reaches a record high, car retailers could find recruitment much harder.

The retail motor industry sector have a 36% staff turnover rate, which is much higher than other sectors. Dealers were accused of having a “reckless” approach to employing new staff.

3.9% of those over 16 years of age are out of work, which makes it harder to fill vacancies and find the best candidates.

Managing Director of Coachworks, Karl Davis, said, “In too many instances we’re seeing poor recruitment decisions being made, often due to a lack of commitment to the process, which is contributing to high staff churn. With new car sales down and margins under pressure, there’s even more reason to mitigate the risk of making poor appointments by getting serious about the approach that is being taken right now.”


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