Common CV Mistakes

Making a good first impression can be extremely difficult when there are mistakes on your CV. We have put together a list of common mistakes made:


Double check for spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes, it is also worth asking for someone else to check it. Spell check isn’t always correct!

Making incorrect personal statements

Describing yourself as a “good communicator” but knowing that deep down it is not true, this can be found out at the interview stage.


Don’t lie about dates with past employers or qualifications as many companies check this out.

Making it more than 2 pages long

After reading 2 pages of your CV, it is likely that the employer is no longer convinced.


Putting fancy shapes or borders on your CV will make it look untidy and unprofessional.

Present a hand written CV

A hand written CV would look extremely unprofessional. Make sure to always use a word processer.

If you want more tips on how to create the perfect CV, head over to our CV writing page.