Creating the perfect automotive CV

The main thing to think about when creating your automotive CV is to include relevant information that is appropriate to the job role that you are working towards and will be applying for. The employer wants to know how you can be a benefit to their company. Sections that you should cover in your CV are:

• Personal summary.

• Skills.

• Experience.

• Education.

Most importantly, remember to be honest!

When writing your CV, make sure that you are honest because it could cause problems in the long run.


Start your CV with a brief personal summary, but remember to keep it short and sweet. Most employers will be more interested in your experience and what you are capable of. Try not to waffle, keep it clear to make the employer want to read more.


In the skills section of your CV, list the things that are relevant to the job that you are working towards. Communication skills, computer skills, software skills etc. are just as important.


The dates of your work experience should be in order starting from the most recent. It is extremely important to highlight the full range of motor trade experience that you have. Below is an example of how to structure the experience section.

Date – Date – (Place of work) – (Position).

• (List tasks and responsibilities).

When listing work experience, explain what your responsibilities were/are. This will give the employer a better idea on what you have done.


List your qualifications in order starting at the most recent date. Include all training and qualifications gained during being in the motor trade as they are most important.