Dealers in need to prepare for record MOTs

More than 2.6 million cars will require their first MOT in the next 12 months, therefore there will be a lot more pressure on workshops. As a record number of cars are due their first MOT test this year, franchised car dealers have been warned to prepare.

With lack of preparation, customers will look towards using fast fit operators and independent garages. Therefore, this could lead to lost business.

Karl Davis, Managing Director of Coachworks Consulting, said, “An unprecedented swell of MOTs will hit workshops from March and franchised dealers have a one-off opportunity to retain customers they sold a record number of cars to three years ago. Dealers need to be contacting customers as early as possible about their first MOT and not just wait for the due date. If they fail to do this then customers will go to fast-fits and independent garages and if they have a good experience they won’t come back.”

Starting in March, on average in the next 12 months, franchised workshops will conduct on average 50 extra MOT’s per month.