Electric And Hybrid Technology – Most Important Skill To Have In 5 Years Time

According to CitNOW research, 42% of Workshop Technicians believe that electric and hybrid technology knowledge will be the most important skill to have in 5 years time, rather than traditional mechanical knowledge. 76% of workshop workers believe an alternative fuel powertrain will power the car of choice for most buyers over the next 10 years.

For the first time in March in a single month, registrations of EV’s topped 100,000. In 2018, electric and hybrid cars increased more than ¾ to around 620,000 on the road.

CitNOW has launched personalised video in order to help owners who are unfamiliar with electric and hybrid technology. This platform ensures the service, maintenance and repair process is transparent, clear and trusted.

CEO of the Institute of the Motor Industry, Steve Nash, said, “The number of EVs and hybrid cars on the roads in the UK went up by three quarters last year so, obviously, knowledge of these drivetrains will become increasingly important for technicians who want to excel in the automotive industry. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, technicians need a broader skillset than ever. In-depth mechanical knowledge, electric and hybrid expertise and good communication skills are essential to deliver a rounded service to motorists.”

CitNOW CEO, Alistair Horsburgh, said, “Just as we are forging ahead in terms of video for the automotive industry, manufacturers are moving on with engine technology and electric and hybrid is clearly the way forward. As the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles continues, technicians will need to be able to have the expertise to not only deliver an excellent service, but to be able to simply explain the work needed to less EV-savvy customers – and personalised video will help bridge that gap.”

For more information, head over to CitNow’s website.