European parts factories close causing a new blow for the UK car industry

Schaeffler and Michelin to close UK plants, putting more than 1,400 British jobs at risk. Both European suppliers for car parts plan to close UK factories in a blow to the wider automotive industry ahead of Brexit.

Schaeffler said the closures would take place over the next 2 years and Michelin plan to close its Dundee factory in 2020.

Michelin blamed dwindling demand for smaller tyres and said the decision was unrelated to the Brexit vote.

John Reid, factory manager at Michelin Dundee, said: “I understand that these proposals will come as a huge blow to our employees and to the city of Dundee as a whole. It’s also a very personal blow for me.

“This factory has faced incredibly tough challenges before and we have come through thanks to the hard work and flexibility of our people and the union, and the backing of the Michelin group. However, the market for the smaller tyres we make has changed dramatically and permanently, and the company has to address these structural changes.”