First day in a new job?

Your first day in a new job can be extremely nerve wracking, here are some tips and advice on how to make a good impression.

Be prepared

Make sure you have done your research on the company and your job responsibilities, employers like to see that you are prepared and have knowledge of your role. It is essential to bring everything that you have been asked to bring, this might be your driving licence, passport, P45, national insurance number, training certificates and proof of qualifications.

Be presentable

It is important to make a first good impression by dressing appropriately and turning up on time. This shows that you are keen and willing to make an effort.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to your team, this is a good way to get to know your colleagues. Familiarise yourself with the staff you spend most days with, this will make you feel more comfortable.

Be organised

It is always good to take notes so that when you come to doing tasks without support, you will know what to do. A ‘To do’ list can also be extremely helpful when you are starting a new job, this is a reminder on what your daily tasks are. Remember to ask questions, no matter what they are! If you are unsure on something, it is better to ask so that you know for next time.