Freeway Introduces AI Software To Reduce Fleet Downtime

Aiming to simplify fleet management, Freeway Fleet Systems have developed smart software, which uses artificial intelligence, to predict the type and quantity of parts needed to maintain a fleet.

This software learns from historic data and calculates the future stock level requirements, then updating parts suppliers to automate stock replenishment. This also helps eliminate out-of-stock occurrences.

The smart software can identify trends and anomalies including fluctuating seasonal demand or dema[user_id]

nd for particular vehicles scheduled for servicing.

Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway, said: “Fleet administration is a burden for operators and managing stock and purchasing is a particular challenge especially for mixed fleets where there may be individual parts running into the thousands. The switch to alternative fuels is only going to add complexity to fleet maintenance so we are continually looking at ways to simplify work through automation and the elimination of paperwork.”

Technicians are able to immediately request parts while on the job, using electronic job sheets.

“Our predictive purchasing development is an example of how Freeway’s software collects data and processes it to useful intelligence that can be used to improve the business. This added insight allows stock levels to be optimised, reducing unnecessary stock and by ensuring the right stock is always available. This, with faster requisition processing, helps ensure vehicle downtime is minimised.”

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