HMRC Publishes New Advisory Fuel Rates – March 2020

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have released the latest advisory fuel rates, which will come into force from March 1st 2020.

  • Decreasing by 1p per mile (ppm), the new rates for diesel car with an engine size over 2,000cc will decrease from 14ppm to 13ppm.
  • The rate for a diesel company car with engine size of 1,601cc – 2,000cc will stay the same.
  • The rate for a diesel car with an engine of 1,600cc or less will stay the same.
  • Reducing from 21ppm to 20ppm, company cars with an engine size of more than 2,000cc decreases by 1ppm. Remaining petrol rates stay the same.
  • New advisory fuel rates for LPG vehicles with an engine of 1,400cc or less stay at 8ppm.
  • LPG company cars with engine size over 2,000cc stays at 14ppm.
  • LPG vehicles with an engine from 1,401cc – 2,000cc increase from 9ppm to 10ppm.
  • The advisory electricity rate (AER) for plug-in cars remains at 4ppm.

For more information, head over to HM Revenue and Customs.