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How to benefit from Ingenia Recruitments motor trade service

  • Give us an accurate brief - the more you tell us about the job or person you are looking for the better.
  • Review the candidate profile sheets that we send, which give you an overview of the candidates.
  • Talk to us - we will call you after sending through ‘candidate summary sheets'. We have interviewed all the candidates that we deal with, we can tell you far more about them then any CV ever will. Don't make a judgement purely on a piece of paper, be it a ‘profile sheet' or CV.
  • Be discreet, put yourself in their shoes, if you were looking for a job, would you be happy if your present employer found out?
  • A lot of our work is based on trust. When we divulge a candidate's identity, keep it to yourself even if you know them. If when we reveal their identity you decide that they are not the correct person for the job, that's fine but again respect their confidentially.
  • If you would like to interview any candidates then we will do everything we can to help you, including organising dates/times to suit. If you would like a company application form completing, email it to us and we will get it to the candidate for completion.
  • After any interviews give us prompt feedback. We will then speak to the candidate and get feedback for you. This stage is important as it provides a positive impression of your business. Again, put yourself in their shoes; if you went for an interview and couldn't get any feedback what would you think of the company?
  • We will arrange any further interview you want us to and will remain in contact throughout the recruitment process. If there is anything you need at any time just ask us, we are here to help make the process as simple and efficient as possible.