In 2019, dealers could see used sales surge

It has been predicted by Startline Motor Finance that in 2019, dealers may shift towards used cars due to an increase in economic uncertainty. Shown from its customer base, they do not expect substantial recovery in the new car sector, therefore they will be backing used sales.

The team at Startline were expecting larger numbers of car buyers to move into the used car sector, with one to three-year-old vehicles seen to be offering a value for money, which is a lower risk alternative to a new car.

Startline was already seeing an increased investment and attention given to the used car sector among those who sold its motor finance.

“Our view is that the car retailers who are making these moves now are the ones who will thrive in 2019. It is a year that, we believe, will unavoidably provide a rocky ride but those who take a proactive approach to the used vehicle sector will continue to thrive.”