Looking for Staff?

Why should you use Ingenia Recruitment?

  • Our terms and prices are extremely competitive.
  • ALL candidates are pre-interviewed at great length.
  • We hold a comprehensive database of motor trade and automotive staff in the North East.
  • Save time on the recruitment process and ultimately money.
  • Quality not quantity is our focus.
  • Where required your company name will not be revealed until interview is arranged.
  • We give honest overviews of each candidate.
  • The sooner you tell us about a vacancy the sooner we can get to work.
  • Spilt fee’s to aid cash flow.
  • We don’t poach staff.
  • We provide guarantees of up to 1 year.
  • We understand your business/people needs as we have motor trade experienced recruitment consultants.
  • You can interview as many candidates as you like and no charge will be made.
  • Temp staff available to cover sickness/holidays.
  • We are the longest established motor trade recruitment consultants in the North East.

When should you register a vacancy?

As soon as you become aware that you may need someone obviously it takes time to select staff and ideally you’ll likely prefer a handover period. If Ingenia have no one suitable then we will tell you; if we have, then we solve your problem and save the cost of an advert.

How we operate?

Ingenia interview all applicants at length and have them complete an application form in their own handwriting, following which we create a confidential profile of them.

When Ingenia are given a vacancy, we will ask questions in sufficient detail for us to understand your specific motor trade needs and objectives.

Ingenia search our database of candidates to accurately match the candidate to your vacancy/company/requirements.

Ingenia will provide a profile (overview) of suitable candidates to you and discuss them over the telephone in more detail.

We are trained and registered to deliver Personality Profiling of candidates.

Ingenia will arrange interviews and provide feedback to each party throughout the recruitment process.