MOT Tests Down 80% In April

According to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), In April 2020, there were almost 750,000 MOT tests carried out. This is after the government giving a 6-month MOT expansion from 30th March.

The number of MOT tests in April 2020 were down 80% from the previous month (3,723,524). There were just over 3.5 million tests carried out in April 2019.

Alex Buttle, director, said: “These figures from the DVSA show that despite motorists having the opportunity to postpone their MOT test, many have chosen not to do so. There could be a number of reasons why; with general car maintenance, ongoing value and safety issues likely at the forefront of many drivers’ minds.

“Many garages are still open for MOTs, and anyone driving an older vehicle, which tend to be more susceptible to problems due to wear and tear, might be wise to take their car in close to the original MOT date to give it a full check and service. It will give them the peace of mind that it’s in good condition and mechanically sound at the present time.”