No More Red Lights?

Ford is trialing a new way where connected car technology can enable drivers and passengers to experience free-flowing traffic, avoid stop-start driving and prevent accidents. This means the driver will not have to wait at red lights or stop the vehicle at any time apart from when arriving at their destination. The company is testing technology that could advise drivers to slow down or accelerate to avoid a collision when vehicles are approaching from other directions.

Drivers spend on average 2 days per year waiting at traffic lights and up 60% of accidents happen at junctions.

Intersection Priority Management (IPM) uses vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications to communicate with other vehicles in the vicinity. This allows cars to pass each other safely and without stopping.

Test cars have been equipped with V2V communication systems that will broadcast the location of the vehicle, direction and speed. They are also able to identify upcoming junctions and any vehicles that are approaching it. The trial vehicles have people behind the wheel but it is possible that autonomous vehicles could also benefit from the V2V technology.

This means that, one day, vehicles could pass through safely without the need for road signs or traffic lights.