Renault Self-Driving Delivery Pods

Renault believe it is in a leadership position to accelerate change in the way goods are moved. They have revealed last-mile self-driving delivery pods called EZ-Pro. The French manufacturer say that retailers need to manage delivery costs and cities are looking for new ways to manage congestion and to cut pollution.

Alliance senior vice president of LCV said Ez-Pro would “unlock countless opportunities” for companies such as last-mile delivery giants DPD.

The EZ-Pro is a shared solution. Each pod has its own paymaster, theme, clientele and delivery space. They can carry different types of goods and merchandise. The fleet of driverless electric robo-pods can move independently or follow each other by platooning.

Renault says that the shipping solution will feature real-time tracking options through mobile with alert services, which leads to smoother delivery services.

Renault believe that Ez-Pro can help relieve traffic in cities with its shared shipping delivery solution and autonomous driving. There will be fewer traffic jams caused by poor driving habits or badly parked delivery vehicles. A further enhancement will be to connect the robo-pods to city infrastructures like traffic lights and control centres.