Season 5 Formula E

Season 5 Formula E

In Season 5, Formula E will be entering with 22 new cars along with 7 manufacturers, 12 venues and n impressive driver line up.

The battery on the new Gen2 car can do the entire race with no mid race car swaps due to now having almost double the energy capacity at 52kWh and 85% more usable energy.

Instead of distance-based races, now races will be 45 minutes long +1 lap. This means that racing will become more exciting as energy will be saved during full course yellows or safety car periods and be used to go faster towards the end of the race. Drivers will need to manage their energy and power levels to succeed.

Fanboost will give 100kJ of energy to a driver voted by the fans whilst Season 5 will have Attack Mode, which allows drivers to engage 225kW up to a total of 8 minutes. Attack mode is a power boost to help overtaking. Race power has also increased from 180kW – 200kW and qualifying modes have increased from 200kW – 250kW.

Fanboost, Attack Mode and new race modes mean drivers could race with a total power of 250kW.

Rear hydraulic brakes will only be needed at the beginning of the race due to the new Season 5 car featuring brake by wire on the rear axle, and there can be no braking through regeneration. The battery needs charging after several laps meaning the cars brake entirely through regeneration. Therefore, rear brakes are not needed at all.

Teams have been developing electric motors and inverter since Season 2. Now, being extremely close to achieving 100% efficiency, cars are running single speed gear boxes.