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Candidate Reviews

I would like to thank Steve and his team for going above and beyond to get me an interview which led me to gain full time employment, I can't recommend Ingenia enough to people for their professional and friendly services.
Rob - Haswell (July 2017)
Steve and the Ingenia team were absolutely fantastic in helping me find the job which I'm currently in and I'm really enjoying the position. I would definitely recommend Steve and the Ingenia team in finding anyone a position in the motor trade.
Daniel - South Hetton (June 2017)
Would like to thank Steve and his team for a very professional service from the initial phone call, to the interview with Steve and arranging the interviews to accommodate my needs and secured a full time job on my 1st interview. Will recommend the team without any doubts thanks again.
Darren - Guisborough (June 2017)
After finding myself without a job I was struggling to find work until I came across Ingenia on a job website. So I sent them my CV and within a few days Steve had got me an interview lined up. I thought the service was fantastic and really fast. Within 2 hours of my interview I found out I had the job and started 2 days later, now I absolutely love my new job. So would just like to say a massive thank you to Steve and the team at Ingenia. Fantastic service would definitely use Ingenia again.
Jonny - Newcastle (May 2017)
This is the second time I've used Ingenia to find a new job. Steve Shaw as always is the best man to turn to when you are looking for a change in the motor trade. After a quick phone call to discuss my needs I had a job interview arranged the same day. With Steve's guidance and background on the company it put me in good stead for the interview. I'm pleased to say I got the job and the company is exactly how he described it so I'm very pleased I made the move. I would definitely recommend Ingenia to anyone looking for a new challenge in the motor trade. Thanks again Steve.
Daryl - Stockton (May 2017)
This is not the first time I have used Ingenia and as usual, my experience was exceptional. After calling them, I was contacted promptly where Steve seemed to understand my needs. Within 24 hours, he had an interview arranged for me and within 2 days I had a new job. Ingenia has a team of people that know the automotive industry in the North East possibly better than anyone. They talk to the employers as well as the prospective employees to determine compatibility and an appropriate fit, they take care in making good placements and I would not use ANY other service out there after using Ingenia's, the team there are top notch.
Wyn - Stockton (April 2017)
Would like to thank Steve personally for the true professionalism and keeping me up to speed with his client and himself. Fantastic service and will definitely use again for both recruiting and searching. Thank you Ingenia
Dave - Durham (March 2017)
From initial contact with Ingenia Recruitment and throughout the recruitment process, they have been supportive and proactive in informing me of progress. In particular, Steve Shaw has been very professional, proficient and helpful and I am very grateful for his support during my transition between jobs. I do not have any hesitation in recommending Ingenia Recruitment to colleagues / acquaintances within the motor trade and indeed have done so in the past.
Dave - Ashington - (February 2017)
Once again Ingenia have delivered the goods. This is my second job that they have helped set me up with, and on both occasions I have been overwhelmed by their courteous and professional approach. Steve and the team kept me in touch regarding all of the latest developments, and I knew that if I had any queries, then they were just a phone call away. Was very surprised with the speed at which they responded to my job search. Literally rang up one day, and had an Interview arranged for the day after. I like the fact that they have a good reputation within the garage industry, as employers know that you are of decent credibility before you even show up for any interview. Far better than other agencies where you are just a CV or just a number. Have recommended to other people in the Motor Trade over the years and will continue to do so.
Daniel - Thornaby (February 2017)
Can't thank Steve and his team enough for the help they have given me over the past few months. Working in a 9am - 5pm call centre bored out of my brains with ambitions of getting in the motor trade and becoming a car salesman. I applied for many jobs within the sector hoping that ideally the right job for me would come up. I then got a phone call from Steve, I went into the interview a bit apprehensive about what to think regarding the interview as I hadn't heard of Ingenia before. I headed down to the main office based in Washington and was met with a great polite welcome. It was a real almost relaxed environment. Steve hit me with many different questions as I went into the interview, asked about my skills, history and ambitions. I left the office feeling quite happy and had given it my best shot with Steve. Steve rang me within a couple of days as he managed to secure an interview with a company which is based around 2 minutes’ drive from my house. All the way through the process Steve kept in touch and made sure that I was progressing throughout my several interviews with this company. I gained employment from the company and have been in contact with Steve ever since. Really can't thank him enough for guiding me to the job role which I have wanted ever since I started thinking realistically about work and that I had no hope in becoming a footballer. If you are looking to go into the motor trade in anyway shape or form do not hesitate to giving the Ingenia team a call. Thanks again guys.
Jack - Gateshead (January 2017)
I’d advise anyone looking for employment in the motor industry to get in touch. Very friendly and professional service. They found me a job in less than 24 hours.
Chris - Sunderland (January 2017)
Steve and the team take time to get to know you as a person. That relationship helps in many ways nor least placing you and your personality into the correct business for you, which in time saves on the mistakes which could have been made if the vital part of personality had been overlooked. So many times we as managers recruit people on merit and a great CV but forget about personalities and how that individual fits the team. This is just one small part of why Steve and the team are so successful. I've used Steve serval times now and I have never been disappointed with the detail of care shown through the transition of the move. Please allow Steve and the team a few hours of your time...'You have nothing to lose '.
Chris - Sunderland (December 2016)
I was in a bit of no man's land, with deciding on a career path, finding the right place to focus on. Ingenia had an opportunity with an employer which was very interesting, so I made an appointment with Steve Shaw. Steve is very thorough in extracting the right information from me to build up a perfect reflection for the employer to understand me and my background history, and presenting a very professional service to me and the employer. There was always communication from Steve updating the events and asking how I was managing etc., there is a very thoughtful process and you are made to feel individual and important to Ingenia. I honestly feel without Steve Shaw's involvement at Ingenia, and his contact with the employer I don't think I would have been accepted for the job, as I am now really happy in a working role that suits me and looks good for the future. I can say throughout the process from Steve at Ingenia, I felt welcomed and comfortable and understood everything that was going on at every stage, I also received genuine courtesy phone calls from Steve to see how I was getting on and happy I got the job. Thanks and keep up the good work Steve Shaw/Ingenia.
Ian - Newcastle (December 2016)
I would like to thank Martin and Steve in finding me work, they have been nothing short of excellent, I have to admit I didn’t have high expectations just due too previous experiences when I was 18-19 with agencies, but Steve and Martin were in constant contact and I was always kept informed, from memory all together I had 4 interviews with different employers and 3 job offers, one close to home ticked all the boxes, and after a short spell unemployed I’m back working.
Michael - Redcar (November 2016)
Ingenia are unbelievable! I went there, got signed up and had 3 job interviews within 3 weeks. After having all 3 interviews I was offered the one that I wanted and accepted. Thanks Steve Shaw and Ingenia for finding me a job.
Joshua - Stockton (November 2016)
I needed to get back into a dealer workshop but having been out of them for several years I was not sure of the best way to approach it. I was referred to Ingenia and if I’m being honest I thought twice about calling. I have to say that from first speaking to them they knew what they were doing. I was invited in for an interview and soon after had several interviews arranged and jobs offered. I now have Technician job back in a dealership and wish I had done it a couple of years ago.
Chris - Ashington (October 2016)
Fantastic, Martin was professional true to his word and had me fixed up with a new job within two days. Marvellous.
Jonny - Newcastle (October 2016)
After being out of the motor trade for 8 years, I thought I might have been wasting my time coming in and registering with Ingenia. I’m so glad I did, as they found me a job within a few weeks, which I’m really enjoying. Would highly recommend Ingenia to anyone looking for a move in the motor trade.
Glenn - Washington (September 2016)
I have used Ingenia on a few occasions now and can definitely recommend them if you’re looking to change job in the motor trade.
David - Stanley (September 2016)