Do you wish you had the time to exercise? Wish no more! The first ever calorie-burning car, FitCar PPV, can help you keep fit whilst driving.

The FitCar PPV is the brainchild of Nasser Al Shawaf and Dutch engineering partner, BPO. It is based on a standard Audi A4 Avant 2.0L petrol TFSI auto.

Nasser Al Shawaf came up with the idea of the FitCar because, each day, there are many cities around the world that have a 60minute-plus car commute each-way. This is an unhealthy way to waste more than two hours every day.

The accelerator has been replaced by a bicycle pedal mechanism and mated to a fly wheel. This generates an electronic pulse to engage the accelerator. The brake pedal has been replaced with a simple off-the-shelf ‘push hand control’ which is used in motability vehicles. This invention works the same as any conventional car as it gets you around safely and comfortably.

There are 3 settings to the FitCar PPV system, they include:

  • ‘Drive slow’ – when in slow moving traffic.
  • ‘Drive fast’ – for highway speeds.
  • ‘No drive’ – for when stuck in stationary traffic but with the ability to continue exercising by using the pedals.



  • You can burn up to 300 calories every 30 minutes.
  • Turns sedentary, unhealthy, tedious commutes in to active, healthy time.
  • Safe, easy to control and easy to override over long distances.
  • Compatible with most vehicles from ICE to BEV, FitCar PPV is a unique concept.


“We are increasingly time-poor and unfit.  The FitCar PPV provides at least part of the solution to these two problems for those of us wishing to exercise more but without the time to do it.”