UK Dealers Say the Ban of Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2032 is Too Soon

A survey of more than 200 dealers nationwide showed that 66% of car dealers believe the ban of petrol and diesel cars by 2032 is too early.

86% of dealers believe that the ban would cause another layer of confusion to the market.

59% believed that it would make car buyers more reluctant to purchase a vehicle.

Along with 59% believing it would have a negative impact on their business, 39% of dealers said that they currently have no plans to stock AFVs any time soon.

Due to more consumers turning to AFVs, 36% of dealers said the ban wouldn’t make much difference.

24% of dealers said they were already stocking AFVs in their showrooms and 37% said they are considering stocking AFVs in the near future.

Sean Kemple, Director of sales at Close Brothers Motor Finance, explained that Britain’s dealers are coping with issues from Brexit, confusion over fuel types and global slowdown. He said that developments in technology mean that cars are close to having an acceptable range for most drivers but the cars themselves will be ready for the Government’s proposed date.