What Car? Data Shows A Fifth Of Consumers Will Buy Cars Immediately After Lockdown

According to survey data published by What Car?, almost 1/5 of car buyers will make a purchase as soon as the coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

Almost 3,000 active online car researchers took the survey.

18.2% said they intend to buy their next car immediately after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

36% of in-market buyers feel that retailers should respond to their online enquiries within 24 hours, with a further 13% expecting contact within half that time and 6% want it within an hour.

Managing Director of Haymarket Automotive, Rachael Prasher, said: “Consumers are still actively in research mode, and I would argue that many will seek first contact even earlier than normal as they sit at home planning for tomorrow.”

According to What Car? There is evidence that certain car buyers don’t fully understand the implications of the current retail lockdown and are looking to buy now.

3.5% of online car researchers are still looking to complete on deals within the next 4 weeks.

Heycar Chief Commercial Officer, Karen Hilton, said: “Everyone knows inbound leads are going to continue to drop as the government has implemented further measures to halt the spread of the virus and keep our community safe. However, this situation will change and when it does dealers must be ready to build again.”

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