What is the best way to search for a job?

Are you searching the internet every day trying to find a job but noticing that the search results are irrelevant? If so, you need to keep reading.

We conducted some research on how people search for jobs, and have been amazed by the findings. Many people are making life so difficult for themselves by not doing the correct search.

For example:

A Vehicle Technician who lives in Wallsend or Durham will type into Google ‘Technician jobs’… They then get frustrated to find double glazing Technicians, Lab Technicians or Assembly Technicians, none of them being what they wanted. Remember, Google is clever but it is still only a programme, not a mind reader. The more specific your search term, the more relevant your results. Try ‘Vehicle Technician jobs in Newcastle’ or ‘Durham’, this will produce a much better result. If however you want a more relevant result, just type ‘Ingenia Recruitment’ into Google.

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