You Need To Help Yourself To Get Help

Rather than work on ‘gut feel’, we recently did some research looking at people who apply for the many vacancies that we handle. We used year to date figures from January 2019 to mid-June 2019.

Our stats show that 48% of applicants missed what could have been an amazing opportunity. If someone applies for a job, it seems safe to assume that they are looking for a change, will have been searching online and have gone through some form of application process. Remarkably, only 52% off applicants who book to come and see us actually attend their interview. How can you know what great opportunities you are missing unless you check them out? What is more concerning is that of those who did not attend their interviews, 40.3% did not cancel. Consider this, you have invited someone to come along and see you for whatever reason, you have re-organised your day then they just don’t turn up, how do you feel? Maybe you are a Sales Executive and have told your boss that you have confirmed appointments. Now think how you feel when those people don’t turn up?

We all have phones, texts, email, etc., so there is no reason whatsoever for not being professional, and remember, if you don’t check out opportunities you could be missing out.

Do you know what Ingenia can really do for you?

We have the ability to help people, but people do need to help themselves!