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Several thousand in total but active candidates numbers do vary at around a few hundred at any one time.
Yes, you can interview as many candidates as you wish, you only incur a cost after you employ someone, even then we do not invoice straight away.
Our fees are highly competitive but do vary according to the position. Ingenia Recruitment will be open from the beginning and outline all costs in advance. One other key benefit is that we do not invoice the full fee all at once, which often means that the new employee has paid for themselves before you pay us. When advertising in the press, you pay up front, even if you get any applicants. If a candidate that we propose is not what you are looking for at interview, then you simply don’t employ them and it costs you nothing. If the candidate starts, then we offer a guarantee that can last up to 1 year. Depending on the duration of the guarantee, if the candidate leaves, then you will be refunded on a pro rata basis depending upon how long the candidate did actually work for you.
Newspaper advertising is very indiscreet and can alert potential employees to high staff turnover companies and is proving to be less effective at attracting the right calibre of candidates. You pay up front and if you get no one then you have wasted both time and money. Ingenia have a database of pre-interviewed candidates that could be suitable and can arrange interviews very quickly, if we cannot identify a suitable candidate, then we will be honest and tell you. Yes our service may appear more costly but when factoring in the time saved in having someone in post quickly, the cost benefit quickly balances.
Unfortunately potential employers are not very good at keeping your information confidential. Putting your CV out around dealerships would be like advertising in a newspaper that you are looking to move. With Ingenia, confidentially is a key issue. We create a profile of you, on which you are simply identified as a reference number. By being so discreet we minimise the likelihood of your current employer finding out that you are looking to move.

At one time or another almost everyone who would work in a dealership, e.g:

  • Regional Manager
  • General Manager
  • General Aftersales Manager
  • Sales Manager (New/Used/Fleet)
  • General Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Bodyshop Manager
  • Parts Manager
  • Personnel Manager
  • Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Sales Controller
  • Business Manager
  • Fast Fit Manager/Supervisor
  • Workshop/Bodyshop Controller
  • Rental Supervisor/Manager
  • Service Receptionist
  • Bodyshop Receptionist
  • Estimator
  • Car Sales Person
  • Fleet Sales Person
  • Technician
  • MOT Tester
  • Painter
  • Panel Beater
  • Body Fitter
  • HGV Fitter
  • Cosmetic Repairer
  • Parts Supervisor
  • Warranty Controller
  • Credit Controller
  • Sales Administrator
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Parts Person
  • Sales/Purchase/Nominal Ledger Clerk

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