Soar In Electric Vehicle Interest After 2030 Announcement

Since the government announced the ban on the sale of new ICE cars from 2030, there has been a huge spike in interest in EVs on Auto Trader’s marketplace.

There was a 124% increase in advert views for new electric vehicles after the day of the announcement.

Auto Trader’s pay per click advertising for electric and hybrid vehicles recorded a 422% increase in impressions and 636% increase in clicks compared to the previous day.

There was a 421% increase of the number of new electric leads in November, year on year.

Ian Plummer, Auto Trader’s Commercial Director, said: “The government’s plan is commendable; however, it’s also hugely ambitious. Whilst the data highlights a significant growth in EV demand, boosted by the Prime Minister’s announcement, albeit temporarily, conversion from consideration to purchase remains low, and a long way off from what’s necessary to achieve the 2030 target.”

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