Airlabs Aim To Reduce Pollution Inside Of Vehicles

Recent research has found that emissions in cars, vans and lorries can be up to 140% higher than what is found outside. The average city-based commuter breathes in the equivalent of 180 cigarettes a year of pollution. Taxi drivers can consume the equivalent of 980 cigarettes worth of NOx a year, which can lead to serious health problems.

Airlabs have designed and manufactured what it calls the ‘Airbubbl’, which is an in-car air purifier. This device works to clean the air within vehicles, fitting behind the headrest of the passenger seat. This device is to trap hazardous emissions and particulates what can pass through most car’s air filters. It uses dual fans to draw in pollutants to pass through a nano carbon filter, trapping oxone, nitrogen dioxide, fine particles and unpleasant odours. In less than 12 minutes, the device can clean up to an impressive 95% of the air in a vehicle.
The Airbubbl works via USB port or a cigarette lighter.

The Airbubbl can be controlled via a smartphone app, logging the amount of air that has been cleaned.

Marc Ottolini, the CEO of Airlabs, has suggested fleets are not aware of the risks saying, “Commercial drivers are forbidden from smoking in their vehicles because we all recognise the risks associated with smoking and passive smoking, yet we underestimate the damage that a vehicle filled with polluted air is having on the health of professional drivers. We want drivers and their employers to understand these risks and help guarantee a safe working environment.”

Each device costs £299.99 and new air filter cost £40.00.